Cursa Health provides online medical billing services for practitioners in multiple specialties across the country. Our software displays outstanding user-friendliness, and an intuitive workflow, showing a deep understanding of the needs of the users. We submit claims to the insurance companies electronically and process claims within 24 hours of receipt. We provide services that include accounts receivable management, medical coding review and assistance, and physician credentialing services.

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Now you can access records related to your medications, allergies, assessments, immunizations and vital signs via Cursa Health PHR

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Your activity log in Cursa Health PHR is a list of your activities, from today back to the very beginning.

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Lab Integration

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system has been integrated with our partner laboratories. This seamless connection allows for the automatic transfer of lab orders and results, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of our diagnostic processes. With this integration, healthcare providers can now access real-time lab data directly within the patient's EHR, ensuring quicker decision-making and improved patient care. The streamlined workflow not only reduces manual entry errors but also facilitates better communication and coordination between our clinical and laboratory teams.Following labs will be Integrated with our EHR.

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